Published updated list of confiscated assets on 18 December, 2020

On 18 December, 2020 State Tax Inspectorate published an updated list of confiscated assets. This time it contains 8498 items which cost 422 854 € in total. 8337 items were already announced in previous lists and 161 confiscated assets were added for the first time. 1442 assets were removed from the list and their total cost was 87 028 €. 2542 assets got a discount (among them are 92 cars). Assets were discounted by 30% (cars - by 22%) in average. The latest list contains 207 passenger cars and their total cost is around 150 744 € or 308 € in average for each confiscated passenger car. Top 3 confiscated passenger car manufacturers are VW (35), AUDI (28) and OPEL (17). The most expensive car in the newly added assets list is AUDI AUDI A6, which costs 6 200 €. The cheapest one is - JIANGSU SINSKI SONIK MOTOR TECHNOLOGY CO. JIANGSU SINSKI SONIK MOTOR TECHNOLOGY CO., which costs 65 € only.

Major sellers of mentioned confiscated passenger cars are UAB Vilmarlita (69), UAB Sauda (50), UAB Argimetas (28). UAB Vilmarlita has received the largest amount of newly published confiscated assets which total value is 32 762 €. Slightly less valued asset chunks were transferred for realization to UAB Argimetas (18 346 € in total) and UAB Automera (17 665 € in total). This time the leader in terms of sold or written-off assets value is UAB Vilmarlita - its balance went down by 29 330 €. The followers by the same aspect are UAB Ožys and UAB Sauda - they have managed to sell or write-off assets for total value of 19 059 € and 17 408 € accordingly.